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A Glimpse Into the Studio

Detail from a triptych made in response to the Tower of Babel.

Detail from a triptych made in response to the Tower of Babel. Each piece is 10″x40″

I’ve been searching for new ways of giving my drawings depth and a more nuanced surface. The first step in that process was grinding my own ink which allowed me to apply multiple layers and have more control over the intensity and evenness of the black. After that I started adding graphite over the black ink on watercolor paper which creates a shimmering surface that ranges from velvety black to glisteningly metallic depending on the light (see the rightmost piece). At the suggestion of a painter friend I started mixing in small amounts of acrylic ink into the fresh ground ink to give it a subtle tinge of color. I mixed a rust ochre ink into black to create the lower section of the rightmost piece. The two inks separated after a few minutes which created the grainy, earthy quality you see above.

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Mark Rothko

This documentary is absolutely fascinating. It’s an intriguing look at the life of Mark Rothko as well as an excellent example of a documentary that teaches one how to look at modern art. I highly recommend it for both the skeptics and the fans of modern art.



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