Mark Rothko

This documentary is absolutely fascinating. It’s an intriguing look at the life of Mark Rothko as well as an excellent example of a documentary that teaches one how to look at modern art. I highly recommend it for both the skeptics and the fans of modern art.



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2 responses to “Mark Rothko

  1. Kateri

    I saw your post and almost ignored it because the video was long. That was amazing. As a documentary it was very well directed, too. I always felt something like that about Rothko, but I had never heard it explained so well. It actually made me feel hopeful about contemporary art, especially when there seems to be so much meaningless and trivial work out there. Thank you so much for putting this up!!!


    • Thanks, Kateri. Normally at the end of documentaries I just feel like I’ve absorbed a bunch of facts and dates, but at then end of this one I felt like I understood more clearly how to think and look at modern art.

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