Thursday Thoughts: Gallery Artists as Theologians

Fine artists, or gallery artists, are like the theologians of the art world. They spend their lives studying theory, exploring the fringes of possible thought, and doing work that is important but not necessarily practical. They form strong opinions on obscure issues while other artists and craftsmen just live their lives being graphic designers, illustrators, photographers, potters etc. These other artists dabble in the theory and the work of gallery artists affects them as they live and work in the every day reality of life. This is not to say that one is better than the other any more than a seminary professor is more holy than a pastor or a pastor is more holy than the devout members of his congregation. It has to do with division of labour. There are those with their head in the clouds who want, and need, to wrestle with abstract metaphysical question and there are those who just love creating and have found a way to make a living doing it. It’s a symbiotic relationship between theoretician and practitioner that yields beautiful art with aesthetic and conceptual depth.

What do you think?

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