Thursday Thoughts: Drawing

Drawing is using any number of systems as a mark-making code. Those systems can be learned on one’s own or taught by an instructor. Mark-making codes can range from the logical rules of perspective to the personal realization that moving a pen this way or that creates a certain effect that simulates or suggests something other than it is. The only hierarchy among these systems is determined by whether or not they are based on seeing or encouraging sight.

For example there are many techniques for making pretty looking trees that are based on repetitive effects that suggest trees. This would be a “lower” form of drawing in the same way that plunking out sound effects on a digital keyboard would be lower than performing a piece by Chopin. I am not saying that these technique-based drawings are not worth doing, are not enjoyable, or do not have a place, just that they are not the same as a masterly drawing by someone who is really looking.

That being said, the purpose a drawing is made for does not necessarily place it lower or higher in this hierarchy. For example, the assumption might be that drawings found in a comic book are of a lesser kind than those found in an art gallery. While that might often be the case, it has nothing to do with the fact that they are found in a comic book. There are several comic book artists who would have been masters of “traditional” drawing had they been born in a different time or place and their drawings are just as much based on sight as the plein air painter who shows his work in a gallery.

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