New Experimental Website

This new website serves as a structural principle guiding my investigation into the poiesis (making/forming) of the city as a metaphor. It also functions as an organizational tool for arranging the work made in response to that research. I am working through the idea of the logical picture and three categories within that distinction: map, diagram, and notation. I am focusing my investigation on 12 facets of the metaphorical city. There are many others I could examine but to dig deep is necessarily to exclude. This site is meant to be fluid and constantly changing. I’m searching for something–I’m not sure what yet–and as I work I plan to swap out images with ones that seem more suitable. At this point many of the images are placeholders, though they were chosen to represent some idea or inspiration related to one of the twelve facets. My goal is to have all the placeholder images replaced by January 2017. Rather than getting everything worked out and presenting a fixed website gallery to the world, I want to build and structure a website in real time based on where this series of work takes me. Perhaps eventually all the categories will have changed or broken down, or the investigation will lead me in another direction leaving the project half finished. Whatever happens, I want to work through my problems and questions publicly rather than trying to figure it out in solitude. My “official” website represents my best work organized in a rough chronology. This website represents a view of my practice in process–questions, mistakes, and all.

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