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Edifice and Alchemy

Here are some images from my recent show at Belhaven University. The show will be open until March 25th, 2020.

Edificial Epistemologies. 2012-Present. Dimensions variable


Detail from Edificial Epistemologies. 2012-Present. Dimensions variable


Unfinished Edifice. 2020. 36″18″


Detail from Study for Eudoxia. 2020. 42″x19′


Jacob’s Ladder. 2020. 10’x6″


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Solo Show this Weekend

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February 19, 2020 · 3:43 pm

Updated Artist’s Statement

Edificial Epistemologies, 2012-2019, mixed media, 13’x17′

I recently completed an MFA in Studio Art at the Maryland Instituted College of Art. The image above is from my thesis exhibition and represents a new direction for my work–an ongoing, modular drawing. I have several projects in the works, but I wrote a short artist’s statement to sum up my overarching interests and the foundation of my practice:

My practice is built around investigating Edificial Epistemologies—humanity’s efforts to construct knowledge into mental and physical architectures in a search for truth and transcendence. My research materials span from ancient cosmologies to speculative fictions and the myriad of philosophies, theologies, and aesthetics between.

This project manifests through various media and modes, but the scaffolding guiding the construction is an ongoing modular drawing. On these modules I map, diagram, and notate my research into a labyrinthine puzzle of references and structures that serve as a semantic gesture towards both the above mentioned concepts and, more simply, the aesthetic pleasure of thought.

I use drawing as my primary tool because drawing is thinking. It is a method of transcribing the intangibilities of thought into material substance. By drawing forth structures that can be seen, manipulated, and shared I make visible the abstract mental realm and create a dialog between ideas and reality. Like thoughts, these modules can be endlessly reconfigured, separated, dispersed, replaced, and updated.

In examining humanity’s projects and endeavors throughout time and space I begin to see the shadowy outline of a fragmented edifice crumbling towards heaven.

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The Tower, The Desert, and Other Images

Here are some images from my show at Deep South Pops:





I loved seeing my art hanging in this venue. Deep South is such a cool place that really supports local artists and community.


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The Tower and the Desert

Art Show Tonight

Art Show Tonight

There is a desert, and in the midst of that desolation stand ambitious men.

Long ago, Nimrod – a mighty warrior and king of the desert – desired a place as a god. He said to his people, “Come, let us make a name for ourselves, and let us build a tower with its top in the heavens lest we be dispersed and forgotten.” So they began construction on a spire that would prick the heavens.

Then the LORD descended in radiant theophany and twisted their tongues in His displeasure. Men who had once been allies were torn apart by the confusion of their languages and dispersed throughout the wasteland. Thus the place was called Babel, and its ruins still lie on the plains of Shinar, populated only by the owls and hyenas.

Nimrod’s nation was scattered, but his vision lingered on, gnawing at the imaginations of generation after generation. Constantly his children roam, splintering according to language and culture, coalescing, and then fracturing again. They build ceaselessly but leave behind only a trail of crumbling monoliths beneath the cold light of the moon.

After a time, the LORD sent his Son to pave the Way through the desert to the holy city of Zion. He adopted countless descendants of Nimrod and gave them a mighty gift. The very Spirit that had first confused language would now give men one voice and the Word to speak.

Nimrod’s offspring still apply all of their might to building towers of steel and glass. But the children of the Lord live in the sand, making their slow pilgrimage along the Way and singing of Zion. Their chorus is the unified voice of the faithful proclaiming:

No eye has seen and no mind has conceived the full glory of Zion, but in everything are signs and signifiers.

I wrote the above narrative in place of an artist’s statement for the body of work on display tonight. You can find images of the artwork on my website.

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Upcoming Art Show

If you're in the area

The show will be up for all of March

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Alumni Invitational at Belhaven University

Here’s a short video from the Belhaven Alumni Invitational I have the honor of being a part of.

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Alumni Invitational


If you’re in the Jackson, MS area today I’d like to invite you to the Alumni Invitational at Belhaven University. The show will feature ten alumni including myself. The opening reception will be today from 2-4pm and the show will run until December 31st.

Poster 2

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The Aesthetic of Illumination

Here are some photos from my show at Pearl River Glass Studio Gallery:

received_10205140112039155 received_10205140111639145 received_10205140111559143 DSC_0118 DSC_0117 DSC_0112 DSC_0104 DSC_0098

A huge thank you to everyone who came out and all my friends who gave me a hand with this! I could not have asked for a better venue, a larger turnout, or such positive reactions. What a great evening!

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