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Inception-It’s not about the top

A lengthy and extremely thorough look at the movie Inception.  Christopher Nolan is one of the best writers and directors working today and in this video Kyle Johnson explores the many intentional and  significant details Nolan crafted into the film. inception movie posterHe argues that the “big debate” over whether the top falls at the end of the movie is a red herring and that the meaning of the movies goes much deeper. One of Nolan’s greatest strengths is creating layers of symbolism and detail to create a film that rewards an in-depth examination and Inception is no exception. Johnson shows many of the “flaws” in the film (one-dimensional characters, sloppy editing, etc.) to be intentional clues left by Nolan.

In the course of discussing Inception, Johnson brings up some interesting points about art, culture, and philosophy. For example, Nolan intentionally made the movie ambiguous which leads to some interesting questions about the intent of the creator and the interpretation of his work. Johnson discusses different ways to interpret a work of art that is ambiguous and he favors a “charitable interpretation,” one which assumes the creator knows what they were doing. There are events and clues in Inception which could be taken several different ways. Johnson interprets them in a way that makes movie as clever, thoughtful, and well crafted as possible.

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