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Thursday Thoughts: Taste is a Compass

In the book Brick by Brick Stephen McCranie talks about the importance of developing a taste for good art. “Taste for good art is compass that points towards mastery. Your taste is a teacher when no one else is around.” You are you own most patient teacher and often as you navigate your own process you have nothing else to rely on but your own sense of what makes good art. However, this creates a problem for many artists. Your understanding and appreciation of art develops at a far more rapid rate than your ability to make it. This means your taste is always several steps ahead of your power of execution. The successful artists are the ones who use this distance between taste and ability to constantly push themselves to improve. The artists who fail or give up are the ones who become overwhelmed and frustrated by their inability to live up to their own expectations for good art. No artist is ever fully satisfied with their own work, that’s why they keep making art. Taste is a compass that points towards mastery, unfortunately some can only see the difficulties barring their way. 

What are your thoughts? What ways have you found to deal with the chasm between your taste and your abilities?


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