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Form Meets Function in Comic Books

Will Eisner's "The Spirit"

Will Eisner’s “The Origin of the Spirit” Page 2

An analytical paper I wrote on the comic page above:

The interplay between form and function is at the heart of every art form and comics are no exception. Will Eisner on page two of his “Origin of the Spirit” demonstrates perfectly how the form of a comic book can give us the experience of the narrative before we read a word and expand the way storytelling functions. As our eye skims the page, we are subconsciously prepped to process the story. This page depicts the story of the universal struggle between good and evil at the dramatic moment in which it seems as if evil may be winning. Eisner uses the entry points to the page, the art style, and the panel format to highlight this struggle in a way that transcends language. These formal elements communicate the meaning of the page-fear for the hero, before a single word is read. Continue reading

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